Earning Stamps

Great news! The Centennial Passport Program has been extended!

The digital passport allows you to register multiple users under the same account.  Make sure to log each person’s visits separately to make sure every member of your group gets their stamps and are eligible for prizes.

Location Stamps

  • With each visit to a state park or historic site, you can earn a digital stamp. To claim the stamp, log on and enter the verification code on display at the location.
  • The code is posted at the stamping location.  A list of stamping locations is posted at https://www.mostateparks.com/passport_locations.
  • One you have all 88 location stamps, your passport is complete.

Special Stamps

  • Each month, there is a new opportunity to earn a special stamp.
  • Details of the special stamps are posted in your stamp gallery under the “Special Stamps” tab.
  • You do not need to collect all the special stamps to complete the passport.  These are just a fun way to enhance your passport experience.